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Our Focus

19 to Zero is working to understand, engage with, and shift public perceptions around COVID-19 behaviors and vaccination. 19 to Zero uses data and research informed approaches to directly support communities and healthcare workers across Canada. Our team has launched public health campaigns, produced and disseminated tailored resources, translated fact sheets, developed practice change toolkits, and led community and corporate town halls. We are currently working alongside our partners on a range of new initiatives.

Be a Catalyst for Change
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The Behavior Change Campaigns

To carry out our mission of shifting public perceptions around COVID-19, 19 to Zero has launched a series of high-impact campaigns encouraging safe behaviours and vaccination.

The Special Initiatives

19 to Zero takes a multimodal approach to understanding, engaging with, and shifting public perception towards COVID-19. Our team has a wide range of activities focused on encouraging safe behaviours and vaccinations, addressing misinformation on social media, and empowering Canadians and health professionals to take action.

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Researching and Writing

The Research & Insights

Since August 2020, the 19 to Zero research team has conducted a number of mixed-method studies to understand Canadian’s attitudes and behaviours towards COVID-19 public health measures and vaccinations. 19 to Zero has formed a number of research partnerships which have enabled us to leverage the research findings of other organizations to help support our multidisciplinary approach to addressing behaviour change.