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Resources for Healthcare Workers

As a trusted source of information for Canadians, healthcare workers are integral in promoting vaccine uptake and other safe behaviours across the population.


Every patient interaction is an opportunity for you to create a positive impact. 19 to Zero is committed to supporting healthcare workers to:

  • Get educated about vaccines so you can feel confident in your decisions and recommendations,

  • Get skilled at having constructive conversations about vaccination with patients, and

  • Get vaccinated yourself to demonstrate your commitment to keeping others safe.

Let us know if you would like a presentation delivered to your team

Vaccine Converstations: Simulation Training

In collaboration with CAN-Sim, the University of Calgary, and the University of Waterloo, 19 to Zero has co-developed a simulation training program for student Health Care Workers to optimize their patient conversations regarding vaccinations.


The toolkit consists of three virtual simulation modules in both English and French. Access the modules with the link below!

Info Sheets
Businesswoman with Mask
Articles and Fact Sheets
Town Hall Slide Deck
Town Hall Slides
2024_03_04 HPV Final Video
Video Resources
Podcast Episodes
Addressing Needle Pain and FearCommitment to Comfort with Dr. Katie Birnie
00:00 / 09:36
Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine HesitancyCommitment to Comfort with Dr. Katie Birnie
00:00 / 19:05
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