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19 to Zero | Primary Health Care

19 to Zero's collaboration with Primary Health Care aims at enhancing healthcare delivery and optimizing patient outcomes in primary care settings. In 2021, 19 to Zero launched a Point of Care Testing (POCT) pilot in Alberta to evaluate the integration and impact of POCT within primary care. This initiative involved two clinics—one urban and one rural—where family physicians used POCT for respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV. The pilot aimed to streamline testing processes within clinic workflows, thereby providing rapid diagnostic results that supported immediate clinical decisions and improved patient care experiences.

Since 2023, 19 to Zero has been actively involved in the National Cancer Screening and Prevention Collaborative. This program recruits primary care practices to participate in quality improvement training focused on lung cancer screening and HPV immunization. It provides multidisciplinary teams in primary care with tools and coaching to implement and sustain cancer prevention strategies effectively. This collaborative effort underscores 19 to Zero’s commitment to empowering primary care providers with the skills and resources needed to enhance preventive care and address critical health issues within the community.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Cancer Screening and Prevention Collaborative

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Point of Care Testing

For Respiratory Illness in Primary Care

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