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Our Campaigns

19 To Zero has launched a series of public-facing campaigns that encourage safe behaviour and vaccination. These campaigns are the product of rigorous audience analysis, and are designed to target specific attitudes and behaviours across different segments of the population.

MMR Campaign Image_edited.jpg
Power Up! MMR Vaccine

A campaign to encourage parents of young children to vaccinate against measles, mumps, and rubella.

What's Missing?

Encouraging parents of teens who missed school in 2020 and 2021 to catch up on routine school-based vaccinations

My Vaccine, My Protection

A new vaccine confidence campaign targeting essential workers from a wide range of occupations, ethnicities, and languages.

Double Down on Your Defence

This vaccine confidence campaign targets younger Canadians who are tired of COVID-19 restrictions and highlights the supreme protection that vaccination offers.

It's Never Too Late.png
It's Never Too Late,
Until It is

A vaccine confidence campaign to increase concerns around COVID-19 and promote self-protection to combat vaccine hesitancy.  

Stronger Apart

A campaign to acknowledge the real-life sacrifices that need to be made during COVID and show that they are worth the cost.
Covid is a Bear. Photo 3. Option 1. covi
COVID is a Bear

A campaign that reminds us that we should be as concerned about the virus as we would be about encountering a bear in the wild.


19 to Zero has joined forces with the South Asian COVID Task Force to launch the This is Our Shot campaign to address vaccine hesitancy, particularly in multicultural communities.

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