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 National Primary Care Cancer Screening and Prevention Collaborative

Join the Fight Against Cancer with Team-Based Care!

Interested in leveraging your multi-disciplinary team to better support team based cancer screening and prevention in your primary care practice? 


Fill out the registration form and a member of our team will contact you to​ discuss how your practice can get involved. 

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Why a team-based care approach to primary care cancer screening and prevention?

Primary care practitioners face many competing demands for their limited time. As a result, patients may not receive all the preventive care they require, including cancer screening.


Building capacity in multidisciplinary clinic teams to support cancer screening and prevention processes can help ensure all of your patient's care needs are met. 

What is practice facilitation and
how can it help support team-based screening and prevention?

Practice facilitators are an essential resource that support physicians and teams to implement improvements within their practice environments. Practice facilitators possess key skills to support practices with implementing quality improvement (QI), including evidence translation, implementing new processes, and measuring/evaluating changes. 

Leveraging practice facilitators to support the implementation of new clinic processes has been shown to significantly increase a team's ability to implement and sustain practice improvements. Studies have shown that primary care practices are almost 3x more likely to adopt evidence-based guidelines through practice facilitation than direct to clinician education alone. (Family Physicians of Canada, 2020) 

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National Cancer Screening and Prevention Collaborative Overview

19 to Zero, in partnership with the Health Innovation Group (HIG), is recruiting primary care teams to participate in a national cancer screening and prevention collaborative with a focus on lung cancer screening and HPV immunization promotion.


Teams participating in the collaborative will learn how to optimize their multidisciplinary team members to support key processes required for cancer screening and prevention including leveraging their EMRs, optimizing clinic workflows and supporting patient care activities.

Participating teams will identify an individual who will be supported to assume the role of the clinic QI practice facilitator.


This individual will participate in a free, 28 credit hour CNA accredited, virtual practice facilitation training program - to learn the key skills required to support teams to implement and sustain clinic changes.


Practice facilitators will work with their clinic teams to support the implementation of two toolkits for cancer screening and prevention.


One will support lung cancer screening and one will support HPV immunization promotion.


Practice facilitators will receive regular coaching from experts, including facilitators, physicians and QI practitioners, over a 10 month period.


They will be supported in implementing, measuring, and sustaining the practice changes and overcoming any challenges they may face with implementing changes within their practice.


After the project ends, the training and tools provided to facilitators and teams can be used to enhance other QI initiatives, furthering the advancement of team-based care.


Practice facilitators will also have the opportunity to join a national practice facilitation network to continue their improvement journey with a growing network of primary care QI professionals.


The Collaborative Process:

Training Start Dates:

We are currently recruiting practice facilitators/teams for three (3) 10-month training cohorts (2 English, 1 French) starting:

Fall 2024

Spring 2025

Summer 2025


Participation in the collaborative is free for interested clinics/practice facilitators.

A letter of understanding will be developed with participating clinics outlining the measurement/reporting requirements to take part in the free collaborative project.  This will help ensure we can evaluate the work undertaken by clinic teams to learn about how to improve the program for future teams.


Lung Cancer Screening & HPV Immunization

Doctor's Desk
  • 1 in 4 cancer deaths among Canadians are due to lung cancer,

  • Over 31,000 Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with lung cancer and more than 20,000 Canadians will die from it.

When cancers are detected early, the cure rate improves and we eliminate the costs of treating at a late stage.

Primary care providers are often responsible for initiating discussion with patients about lung cancer screening and play a vital role in encouraging eligible patients to get screened, supporting patient follow-up on screening results, and potential next steps for early treatment.

  • 1,550 Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and 400 people will die from it annually.

  • Each year 3,800 new cancer cases in Canada are attributed to HPV.


Current immunization rates in most provinces lag behind the 90% HPV vaccination goal in Canada. Primary care teams who are viewed as trusted sources of information can help close the gap in immunization rates by providing HPV immunization education/promotion to eligible patients and families and by supporting vaccine counseling conversations to help patients overcome concerns that may be contributing to their vaccine hesitancy and vaccination decisions.



About Our Collaborative Partners

  • 19 to Zero is a health not-for-profit focused on supporting Canadian patients and providers to implement positive changes supporting better health outcomes. We collaborate with a diverse range of partners to understand and address unmet needs in our health system to prevent the burden of disease for all Canadians and improve quality of care for underserved communities.

  • Health Innovation Group (HIG) is a social enterprise that builds capacity and expertise within health systems to deliver the best care everywhere. We engage and foster healthcare groups to learn, share, and apply changes that achieve the most desired results. As health system leaders and innovators, HIG utilizes proven evidence-based methods with innovative, practical and engaging approaches combined with our specialized areas of expertise.

  • 19toZero, HIG and other system partners are working together to support this national team-based care cancer screening and prevention collaborative for primary care practices.  Through this collaborative, participating teams will learn valuable skills to support QI processes in your clinics while leveraging the skill of your your multi-disciplinary team to better support patient care.

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Fill out the form to learn more!

Fill out the registration form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss how your practice can get involved. 

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Thank you for your registration. We will get back to you within 5 business days.

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