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Our Approach

  • Landscape analysis of organizations in society.

  • Collaboration with community groups to identify organization-specific needs and existing resources.

  • Production and delivery of targeted COVID-19 and vaccine education in collaboration with partner health experts outreach team and partner health experts (e.g., public health physicians, family doctors, pharmacists, infectious disease experts, etc.).​

  • Development and sharing of sector-specific education toolkits

  • Development of Evaluation Strategy including pre- and post-outreach surveys, and an updated database of frequently asked questions

Community Outreach

Beginning in December 2020, the Community Outreach team developed and executed a network model of community-based COVID and vaccine education. This network approach has resulted in connections being made nationally with NGOs serving vulnerable communities,  rural and urban municipalities, community associations, school districts, faith groups, businesses, newcomer and immigrant groups, etc. The Community Outreach team has connected and engaged with over 500 organizations across Canada, planned and organized over 50 targeted town halls/webinars/live streams, and developed and distributed materials in over 25 languages. 


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Community Events

We partner with community groups to deliver targeted COVID-19 and vaccine education in public events including town halls, Q & A sessions, and more.

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Community Resources

Our team is dedicated to creating accessible and informative resources about COVID-19 and vaccinations. including factsheets, translated materials, and a variety of other downloadable resources. 

Handouts and Fact Sheets

Get up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and vaccinations in Canada with Finola Hackett and Claire Donnici!

Why get vaccinated?

Length: 10 min 33 sec

Common Misconceptions and Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

Length: 12 min 336sec